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Star Wars Destiny Store Championship

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Hello Star Wars Fans! 

August 12th is Campus Cards & Games Star Wars Destiny Store Championship! Come win promos, playmats, and deck boxes! 
The Store Champion will recieve a champion plaque!

Prize support will also include booster packs based on attendance!

Don't forget to preorder Empire At War booster packs and boxes while you're here!

Event: 8/12 2 PM

Be sure to get here early and enjoy our 2-4-1 Draft Beer specials on Yuengling and Angry Orchard during Happy Hour (6-7PM every day!).

Campus Cards & Games
12226 Corporate Blvd #130
Orlando, FL 32817 US

Questions –
E-Mail: campuscardsandgames@gmail.com
Phone: 407-730-3161