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We are hosting 4 prerelease events for Amonkhet. If you can't make it for Midnight you'll still have a chance to play Saturday, and Sunday afternoon, or in the Saturday Two-Headed Giant at 7pm. Each prerelease will have 4 rounds of play with prizes based on the number of wins. The preregistration on our website is for any of the four event, just add a note for which event you are playing in.

4-0: 8 Packs of Amonkhet
3-0-1: 6 Packs of Amonkhet
3-X: 4 Packs of Amonkhet
2-X: 2 Packs of Amonkhet
1-X: 1 Pack of Amonkhet
0-X: 1 Pack of Amonkhet

21stat 11:59pm
22nd at 2pm
22nd at 7pm Two-Headed Giant
23rd at 2pm


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